Thursday, October 11, 2007

Labor of love

OK its time to brag on my husband. My mom turned 70 this year and my sisters and I wanted to do something special for her b'day... so first we had a big party for her at my sister Diana's house. All her children were able to be there, and all but three of her grandchildren, and two of her great grands were there. It was a beautiful day, fun weekend!!! That was in June. So for a gift we all decided to give her a murphy bed. Thats where the labor of love comes in. My husband graciously said that he would build the bed, and install it for her. At the time we didn't know that he would have an extremely busy schedule. Also some surprises as far as IF he still has a job....that has been temporarily resolved so the pressure is off for a while. He has some things going that will carry us through. We are so thankful for a loving heavenly Father who cares for us in all things! So we know it will all work out. But in the midst of all this he diligently worked on the bed, and loved it!! I am so thankful for him. He truly has to be the most patient, loving husband, father, and my best friend!!! So this is a tribute to him for loving me and my family so much!!!! A HUGE thank you to God for giving us 29 1/2 years together!!! And Lord willing many, many, many more years. :-)