Monday, February 18, 2008

May I Alway's Remain "Timeless"

I was thinking this past week about being timeless, like my blog name. It was meant to be clever at first ( whether it is or not is in the eye of the beholder I suppose (: ). On Valentines Day I recieved these beautiful roses from my very thoughtful husband, and I was very thankful. But earlier that day I was having one of those pivitol moments of do I see God today?; or do I choose to be in a emotional day for whatever reason? Let me explain....Bob had been gone for 3 days by this point. On Valentines morning I woke up , worked out, had my devotions,nothing out of the ordinary, but just felt out of sorts. Could be hormones but I don't like to give in to those.A little later in the morning I got a phone call from our grandson. It was so very sweet, he asked me what I was doing and if anyone was here, no one was here and I hadn't recieved my valentine yet. He was distrubed by that and he told me I should call Uncle Bobby and Autie Tiffany or Auntie Debbie to come over. Then he told me I will buy you a Christmas present and it will be a big one but I have to ask my mom and dad first. But I thought how sweet of our loving heavenly Father to send me that special phone call because my emotions were trying to drag me down. But what made me think that day as well as many others in my life is of Joshua 24:15 ....choose for yourselves today whom you will serve.....but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. My prayer was of thankfulness for such a sweet and thoughtful grandson and may I ALWAYS be teachable and timeless in my learning and yearning for what God has to teach me. That day I could choose to be in a frump or allow myself to see the beauty that God has for me in each day.

These are some pictures I thought would be fun to share:

This black squirrel is beautiful, but we are not on good terms, he is destroying my bird feeder! Since I have taken his picture he has not been back, he must've known I am not happy with him. (:
Bob helped with our niece's derby car for AWANA, her sister did the design of the body of the car, and another sister did the spider design on the roof of the car.

The other siblings had a tae-kwon-do tournament and came home with beautifu trophies...just wanted to show them off!!!! (:
So much to be thankful for!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Flexible Excellence!!!!!

A comment was made today that got me to thinking. It was made by a lady that is looking quite seriously at buying our car, she said " I am not flexible, but I am working on it." It made me think that if we are so rigid in our plans how many times would we miss out on those " God appointments " ? Not that I had anything real special happen today; but it just made me think that there has been times when if I had not gone to that special meeting I would have missed out on a huge blessing from the message. That has happened more than once for me. Because by nature I am a huge homebody,not good, but I am. So sometimes I don't want to be obedient and go when I know that I should, I am so thankful that God does not give up on me and gently, and not so gently sometimes (: keeps pursuing till I obey. He loves us that much even in these little nonessentials in our lives. But that statement came from these last two days of being flexible in our plans:

It started yesterday afternoon when we got a phone call from Kim that they had to have their dog put down because she bit two different men, the garbage man and the UPS man. Tigger had a problem with men, just random men, never knew when she would react. So far hadn't bitten anyone till now. So they didn't feel they could keep a dog like that because you never know. Even though she had been a wonderful pet for their family and an excellent hunting dog for Todd. So it was a SAD day at their house. But they wanted to get another lab, this time a yellow lab. So they started looking and found one close to us. So that is where the phone call came in. They asked us to take a look at this 10 wk old puppy and buy him if we thought he looked good. So off Tiff, the girls and I go to puppy shop (: The "shopping" was a success!! Here he is, with our granddaughter and Tiff. The little girls loved him and he loved them as well. So we had a house guest and he did very well. I wasn't going to go with Bob originally on this trip because he said it was going to be a very quick trip, lots of meetings. That was the first change of plans. But a blessing for Todd and Kim(and us so we could see them) because Bob was already coming this way and now he could bring the puppy!
We are also selling our car and the couple interested in it live in a town that we would be going through anyway so Bob offered to take the car to them, let them keep it overnight, get it checked out, and we would pick it up on our way back if they didn't want it. Or we would pick up a check and give them the title. But on our way there the fan belt broke. The night before Bob had done some work on the car and sprayed lubricant. Well it got on the fan belt and that is what made it break. It happened close to a friend of ours service station. So we took it there asked him to check it out and put the fan belt on, we would pick it up and pay him the next day on our way home. So we had to call the people tell them what happened. She was sooo dissapointed, really wanted to see the car. So long story short she was the one that isn't very flexible. We had to keep going because Bob had an appt ( I was following him in the van by the way (: ) In the end they drove over and got the car, they have it now so we will see what happens. Second change of plans, leaving the car,the potential buyers having to drive to get it.

But those events could have thrown us, but is it worth it? I don't think so. I got to come along, got to see T&K and the boys. Spend a little bit of time with them, they got their puppy. And hopefully we have a SALE! Forgot to get pics of the boys seeing the puppy for the first tme. Oh well. Here are a few freebies when I babsat the girls the other day while Tiff went to the dr. :

Dancing with cousin Heide!!!!!