Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Wonderful Gift from my Husband!!

This last weekend I ended up with a surprise addition to our home. We went to the Water Carnival, stopped at a pet shop, and these adorable puppies were there. I thought wouldn't that be fun if we could get one, next thing you know we are buying one. She is adorable, 10 wk old Peek-a-poo, we named her Willow. So far so good, she sleeps well in her kennel, we are working on the house training part, but she is getting there. She is very playful, pretty fun!! Bob doesn't really want a pet; yet he is laid back enough to put up with one for my sake. Just one of his very special traits, that I love very, very much!!!!The weekend before Nikki had a surprise 30th b'day for Chad. His b'day is later this week, she had it early to throw him off. It worked. The wind was the only uninvited guest that day!! Ralph and Stacie surprised everyone as well and came home for it.

Ralph and Stacie took us to one of our favorite resteraunt's in town for our anniversary, we had a great time!!