Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today was the day for Willow's first grooming. Her fur was getting out of control so I took her in to be groomed. She looks so much better. Here are a few pics of her.
This is Willow when we first got her, she was 10 weeks old.
This is Willow before she went in, she is 6 months old now.
Willow after. Her fur is shorter than originally planned because it was pretty matted.Not exactly a winter cut, but at least those matts are gone.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Birthday girl, and her sister, (brushing her teeth) (:Birthday girl with her parent's and sisters.
Our niece.....Mom and birthday girl making her cupcakes...........Getting ready to blow out her number 3 candle...............One of her gifts was dress up clothes.............
Getting some more "dress up" clothes on.............Dad waiting for the festivities to begin........Grandpa with the birthday girl and her sister..............It was a special day even if she wasn't totally feeling 100% yet.

We have been trying to keep busy while we wait the arrival of three very special "little" people. One of the things we did was have our last meal with my sister-in-laws family and us to say good-bye for the winter to very "special" big people (: my in-laws!! Was a fun evening as we waited the arrival of Deb and her new husband. They had been on their honeymoon for ten days so their kids were excited to see them and so was everyone else! Here are a few pictures from that evening.....................

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hear "Dat" ?

I wish I had a picture of our oldest grandaughter saying this...she will put her hand up by her ear and say "hear dat?" It is so precious. Lately I have been reading about grace and I picture that for my own life the Lord saying to me.... hear dat? We get so busy in life that we forget to listen to that sweet voice of our loving heavenly Father, as been the case these last few weeks. Reading about Gods grace has been such a good reminder of His love for us and how we need to show and extend love to others. We don't know what is in store for us in the future but God does and I am so thankful for that. His timing is always perfect just as I needed to read this this week. -2 Corinthians 12:9-10 NASB
And He has said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness. Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with results, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ's sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.
So when life gets too busy or confusing I just need to remember to "hear dat?" Because I know who holds my future.
Here are few pictures of some of the blessings in my life........................................................................

Excited to have new baby brother home.

Newest grandson.

Taking a break from shopping (:

Newest grandaughter.

Gonna drive lawn tractor like Daddy (:

Hard to believe our first grandson just turned 6!!!!!!!!

Enjoying a good book.

Lets do a puzzle, while younger brother enjoys an ear of corn (:

Thought they looked so cute in their matching pj's

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playing Hooky

This last Sunday we took a last minute day trip,this is a self potrait (: , we went on a bike ride. We wanted to get out and enjoy the fall colors while we could, it was a perfect day to go riding. The colors weren't at their peak yet but they were gorgeous!!

But.....waiting for me at home are these unfinished jobs...............................

The railing on the deck is waiting to be painted and we started another project;

laying block for our patio.But alas, I know these projects WILL wait, in the mean time we enjoyed our day. We went at the right time, because on the way home we ran into rain, and the temp dropped quite a bit.

The people on the deck are our nephews and future brother-in-law. This summer we had our first family reunion. We had such a great time. This was a b'day party the night before the reunion had started. We even had family here from my mother-in-laws side of the family.

Us with our grandchildren, we have a new grandson since this picture.

Cousins getting to know each other.

We had a very special Sunday morning service down by the lake, my brother-in-law had a challenging message for us all.

My father-in-law lead us as a family in communion...

Our niece was baptized, and our son-in-law was honored to assist the pastor from her church in the baptisim. So many special memories from this weekend. I am so blessed to be a part of this family. We never want to forget the heritage that has been passed on to us. I pray that I remain faithful, and thankful that I have a loving heavenly Father who made this all possible.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Wonderful Gift from my Husband!!

This last weekend I ended up with a surprise addition to our home. We went to the Water Carnival, stopped at a pet shop, and these adorable puppies were there. I thought wouldn't that be fun if we could get one, next thing you know we are buying one. She is adorable, 10 wk old Peek-a-poo, we named her Willow. So far so good, she sleeps well in her kennel, we are working on the house training part, but she is getting there. She is very playful, pretty fun!! Bob doesn't really want a pet; yet he is laid back enough to put up with one for my sake. Just one of his very special traits, that I love very, very much!!!!The weekend before Nikki had a surprise 30th b'day for Chad. His b'day is later this week, she had it early to throw him off. It worked. The wind was the only uninvited guest that day!! Ralph and Stacie surprised everyone as well and came home for it.

Ralph and Stacie took us to one of our favorite resteraunt's in town for our anniversary, we had a great time!!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tribute to the Women in My Life

Since May is the month to celebrate Mothers Day I was thinking of the women in my life that God has blessed me with. The first is my mom. As a child I know I didn't appreciate who she was as a woman, she was "mom". I never thought of her as a person with feelings, a person who had a life before her children or outside her children for that matter. But as I matured in the Lord and had a family myself did I understand all that she had done for me and my siblings. Hers was not an easy life, not at all the way she would have liked it to go. Things happened beyond her control but she dealt with it in the best way that she knew how. It wasn't easy, especially with a daughter like me who sure put her through a lot. But, I am so thankful for her and all that she has taught me about persevering and not giving up. Then my mother in law, she has taught me a lot as well. When we moved here I was a very young mom and she showed me nothing but unconditional love. I am sure she saw things in me that probably disturbed her, but she just loved me through those things and did not criticize. She taught me unconditional love. My aunt in law, loved me as well with an unconditional love. My sister in law who as well has been through so very much in her life. She taught me how to focus on the Lord, do not dwell in the past, persevere and trust where God is leading. I have two more sister in law's who as well have touched my life,and have been a blessing to me. There are many more women, friends, and sisters that I am so very thankful for. Its amazing when I look at my life and see the people God has brought into my life, and I am the richer for it. Then their are my girls. All are expecting babies in these pictures, all at different stages of pregnancy. ( Our daughter in law has now delivered a beautiful baby girl, 1 week ago) They have all taught me how to be a better woman in the Lord. Our oldest daughter in her patience as she waited for God to bless them with this pregnancy. She waited and trusted, even when at times I am sure it seemed like it may never happen. I admire her unselfishness with her time. She is always taking a meal to someone or ministring to their neighbors, or entertaining, & working full time. Our second daughter in losing her son...such a trying time but her faith in the Lord never waive rd.We have seen God do amazing things in their family.She as well has been so very active in their Child Evangelism ministry, working with the youth and MOPS, allowing God to use her time,with a busy home life as well with their children. Our third daughter in dealing with health issues, her faith never wavered as well. She was able to care for her family despite terrible pain, trusting all the while that God would and does sustain her.She as well working with the youth as her husband is the Youth Pastor, and now is the director of Childrens ministry in their church. They all amaze me at how they are very willing to be vessels for the Lord with their time.Our daughter in law, starting out married life not at all the way I am sure she had planned, but how she has allowed God to work in her life, and the maturity He has grown in her, her faith has never wavered.She as well has been very willing to jump in wherever she is needed despite the busyness of her home life with three children so close in age. All these women as I watch have blessed me in ways that they don't even know. I am amazed that God has placed them in my life. These women are all terrific mom's, each dealing with their own challenges and joys and such unique individuals. I am thankful, and never take them for granted, happy to share in their lives. So this post is dedicated to them and to thank them for their diligence in being Godly women!!!!!