Monday, September 20, 2010

Sometimes the "girl on the go" needs to rest. Today as I was looking outside at the cloudy, windy,leaves beginning to change fall day; this thought has been going through my mind. I was reading blogs of people that had taken a missions trip with Compassion, was so blessed and truth be told...convicted by their words. There is sooo much more to this world than making sure my home is finished, or bills paid, or when do I see my children and grandchildren again. But sometimes these thoughts so fill my mind that I forget to "rest" and be quiet to "hear" what God is trying to say to me. Where is it that He would have me be this day? I have a friend who recently lost twin grandchildren, they are grieving. Another friend who's mother is in the last stages of life. A friend who's a single mother, not at all what her "plan" of life would be. So many,many hurts in this world. So much bigger than the temporal "things" of this life. I think I needed this HUGE wake up call and turn my thoughts back to the Giver of All things in this life. Jesus Christ. I think of His hurts as I so often disappoint Him in my lack of obedience, and time spent with Him. But the biggest thing I take away is Grace. His all sufficient grace that even in my bumblings He forgives, and gently guides me back.

These readings of the people that went to Guatemala really put into prospective the life we have here in the US. We are so blessed, so much to be thankful for and that we shouldn't take for granted. We were all born here for a reason at this time, so we must not waste it. We need to "bloom" where God has placed us, in the way that He made us to minister, right now however that may be. Even if it's quietly,behind the scenes in prayer or some other way. Just so each day we are living out what He has called us to do.