Friday, March 28, 2008


We had a fun time coloring eggs with grandchildren and nieces and nephews!! Some great looking eggs too. Then Easter Sunday we had everyone for dinner, so thankful that everyone could come and for a loving Saviour!!!
Aunt Avis reading to our granddaughter while waiting to eat dinner!!
Very sweet moment:Todd with his boys.

UncleLloyd waiting to eat as well, we were happy he was able to join us.
Few pics of some of the grandchildren finding their baskets:

Fun moments......................

Notice Big C touching his nose with his tongue.
Kim gave everyone whistle blowing lessons, was quite comical.

We had a wonderful time with everyone and as always went waaay too fast!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Painting is Done ( in the living room anyway.....)




Such a good feeling to be done. The spring cleaning has begun!!! It was a very cold winter,so to start on these kind of projects feels good to freshen things up. I restained the woodwork as well but that is hard to show, this is hard enough to see the difference. Looking forward to Easter and having the house full again!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our trip to Mexico

We just got back from a buisness trip to Mexico. My husbands company took all the outside salesreps and their dealers that qualified to the Riviera Maya Resort. It was wonderful, I will let the pictures tell about our trip.....

At Chad and Nikki's ready to leave for the airport.....yea!!!!!Our room at the resort.View from our room.
One of the many fountains at the resort.There were 4 buffets we could eat from and at each was a carving in watermelon welcoming the company to Mexico.We walked by this banana tree every day.

Swimming in the ocean.Riding a "paddle tractor" (-:Common site there, I learned the iguana is my friend.....At Playa del Carmen one night we went there for a shopping trip, very nice.Last morning , we got a picture of the sun riseBefore boarding the bus to the airport in front of the shopping plaza at the resort.A wonderful surprise at the airport, our son-in-law, daughter and their two boys waiting for us!! Couldn't have asked for a better homecoming!!!!