Friday, March 28, 2008


We had a fun time coloring eggs with grandchildren and nieces and nephews!! Some great looking eggs too. Then Easter Sunday we had everyone for dinner, so thankful that everyone could come and for a loving Saviour!!!
Aunt Avis reading to our granddaughter while waiting to eat dinner!!
Very sweet moment:Todd with his boys.

UncleLloyd waiting to eat as well, we were happy he was able to join us.
Few pics of some of the grandchildren finding their baskets:

Fun moments......................

Notice Big C touching his nose with his tongue.
Kim gave everyone whistle blowing lessons, was quite comical.

We had a wonderful time with everyone and as always went waaay too fast!!


Stacie said...

What fun pics and memories! Wish we could have been there! Thanks for helping us feel connected.

Kim said...

Lots of great pics Mom! I love the one where I am showing Chad how to whistle, very funny! And Nikki's intense face where she is trying. That whole thing really was pretty funny! Really cute one of my littlest man and S. I didn't get a good one like that, could you email it to me? Thanks again for everything!

Movers4life said...

Thanks so much for everything, we had so much fun and were glad we could come for an extended stay!! You're right it does always go way to fast!! Great pics though! Thanks again!

Drifters said...

Sorry we missed the fun, but colored eggs with Uncle Bill and Aunt Donna and had an Easter basket too! Thanks for all the picture's.