Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our "youngest" B"day

Bobby blowing out candles on his Swiss Rolls cake
Bobby and his wife Tiffany

Auntie and a few of the cousins

Birthday boy and his family

Seems so strange to say youngest when he just turned 23!!! Hard to believe, and also that he is a dad and looking for a youth pastor position. Time flies soooo quickly. That is one thing that the 40 something phase of life does and that is to reflect. Some things you would love to change others you would never want to go back and relive. That is when I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father because its those not reliving ones that I know He has forgotten, they are as far from His memory as the east is to the west. Gives me a clean slate to start each new day that he has gifted me with to use for His glory!!!

But back to our son, we had a nice day celebrating with his grandparents, Aunt and her family, his precious girls, and lovely wife. We had a fun day, ate too much of course but fun. Had to play Five Crown to top off the day. Then he was off to work.

Time with the boys!!

This weekend was a fun time to watch the boys, while their parents were at their first annual golf tournament to raise funds for CEF. They had a great time at the tournament, good turn out, and we were so thankful to see how God used his people to raise the money for this wonderful ministry!!! The weather was perfect and everyone said they would love to come back next year, so we have much to praise God for.
While they were all golfing I got to stay with the boys. We went bike riding, played a little baseball, and NE was having fun with the sand and water table and their new kitty decided she needed a drink!!! I also baked buns for Sun so we could have them with pulled pork sandwiches,mmmmmm they were very good!!! Good food by all that brought stuff. We ate ouside, such a beautiful day. It was EE dedication to the Lord. Very nice service the whole E clan went up front, so wonderful to see this family loving and serving God. Then we headed home and jumped into the week.
Tried to upload photos but there is a problem with the system.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Weekend at the lake

Well, the grandchildren have left ( all but two, the girls and their parents are living with us temporarily while their dad looks for a youth pastor position ) So our house seems very quiet, we really did enjoy the time with them.
But we were able to go to the lake to watch our two grandsons while their parents were at our son-in-laws 10 yr high school reunion. We stayed at a friend of theirs lake cabin. We had lived on the lake for 17 and a half years before we sold three years ago. We realized how much we miss just looking out at the lake. It is soooo peaceful!! We didn't hear any loons, thats another thing that I miss not being on the lake. It was too cold and rainy to get out and enjoy the lake but at least we could enjoy the view.
We were also able to visit our old church that was fun to see some friends we hadn't seen in a while, its always a blessing to hear Pastor Jims messages.
It's hard to believe our son-in-law has been out of high school that long already!! They had a good time, our daughter knows quite a few of his classmates so she had a good time as well. Fun to see where people are and what they are doing after they graduate.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My First Entry

Well, my daughter talked me into trying blogging so here I go.... Our oldest daughter was doing this a couple of years ago and I wasn't real sure what it was all about so I wasn't good about reading it. Now I have heard so much more about it that I thought it could be kind of fun.

We just finished our first annual G&G camp with our 6 grandchildren (the youngest isn't old enough to come ). We had such a great time. They are at very busy ages and we couldn't have done it wihtout our "camp counselors" (our son and daughter in law) They were a GREAT help. We even had a craft day and decorated t-shirts to remember the day. These are such times to cherish cuz this too will pass as time travels on and they get involved, or move, or whatever, or wherever God leads each family. So I'm thankful that I have the freedom to be able to spend as much time with them as I can. My husband travels for work so it gives us a lot of freedom that we never take for granted. God has blessed us with a very full life.

Greeting the grandkids as they came (:

The rest of the cousins have arrived!!!

Fun train ride

Making the t-shirts