Thursday, August 16, 2007

My First Entry

Well, my daughter talked me into trying blogging so here I go.... Our oldest daughter was doing this a couple of years ago and I wasn't real sure what it was all about so I wasn't good about reading it. Now I have heard so much more about it that I thought it could be kind of fun.

We just finished our first annual G&G camp with our 6 grandchildren (the youngest isn't old enough to come ). We had such a great time. They are at very busy ages and we couldn't have done it wihtout our "camp counselors" (our son and daughter in law) They were a GREAT help. We even had a craft day and decorated t-shirts to remember the day. These are such times to cherish cuz this too will pass as time travels on and they get involved, or move, or whatever, or wherever God leads each family. So I'm thankful that I have the freedom to be able to spend as much time with them as I can. My husband travels for work so it gives us a lot of freedom that we never take for granted. God has blessed us with a very full life.

Greeting the grandkids as they came (:

The rest of the cousins have arrived!!!

Fun train ride

Making the t-shirts


Patti said...

Hey Sue, neat idea!
Love to see the pictures of the grandbabies. So adorable!
Hope all is well. Look forward to talking with you soon!

Anonymous said...

So if Nikki is sending out the email about your new blog does that mean she's actually doing the writing too? ;-)

I haven't gone to blogging. I spend too much time online already, but it's something that Billie Jean might get in to. She's in Grangeville with Erin right now, but I'll let her see this when she gets home in a couple of weeks.


Debbie said...

Good job! It was fun to read.

Qtpies7 said...

That would be great for our parents to do, but I think they would be overwhelmed! My mom has like 25 grandkids and then some great grands!
Congrats on your blogging adventure! It is really fun and really addicting!

Jimmy & Crystal said...

Aunt Susan,

I'm glad to see you are coming up to the age of the rest of us.. I hope you have fun doing this.. I pretty sure we will be start a blog soon so pepole know what we are up to.. have a good day..

Jimmy and Crystal

Stacie said...

G&G camp looked like fun! Now that you and Kim have started blogging I may have to start posting again. I have my web cam now--let me know when you get yours! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom, love the blog. Way to get one going! Good thing Stace paved the way for all of us huh? Kind of like Veggie Tales back in the day, "Oh where is my hairbrush?" LOL!