Friday, February 4, 2011

When I was on the treadmill the other morning I was watching "Polly"; this movie has such a good message.  It goes a long with a blog that I follow    On Monday's she has One Thousand Gifts, that's where you list the gifts that God has given  in your life.  Well Polly does the same thing with the "glad game".  The sun was shining, albeit cold, but a beautiful day outside, and I thought I have so much to be thankful for myself.  That weekend, truth be told was  not a good one.  I was a little under the weather, so to finally feel good enough to exercise, and to see things in a new light was so refreshing.  Also, to never take health for granted.  
     This movie brought back a memory of when our third daughter Nikki was home on spring break from college.  She had a goal; and that goal was to find a wedding dress.  She was getting married in August and wanted to get the dress ordered to be sure it was here in plenty of time.  So off to the big City of Fargo/Moorhead we go.  We are on a mission, she has wedding planner book in hand, and a list of places to go, and things we must get accomplished.  She is very much the planner, and a stickler for details, so she doesn't want interruptions.  So we are on our way to a bridal shop and my car is getting very hot.  Nikki informs me that the car is filling with smoke.  I tell her "oh it is probably exhaust from the cars".  We are at a busy intersection at lunch time.  She says, rather excitedly,  "MOM, I can hardly see my hand!!"  Little exaggeration here I am thinking, also a little denial.  You see, I did notice the smoke, but I thought if we could just get through this light and get to a safe place to pull over we can evaluate the situation. sigh  In the meantime, people are honking at us to pull over, Nikki is a little excited to say the least and I am trying to act like everything is under control.  So light FINALLY turns green, we go and pull into an empty parking lot.   We evaluate, yep the car is definitely on fire.  So we are out of the car now and Nikki remembers her planner is still in there, so off she runs to the car to receive the planner.  And in my mind I am picturing (like in the movies) the car exploding the minute she touches the handle, so I am thinking NOoooooooo, she opens the door and gets it.  Just as a guy drives by and hollers "GET AWAY FROM THAT CAR!!"  He was not happy, he had called into the fire department, we could hear the siren.  They came, they put it out, fire in the console.  Not drivable.  We still have a list to conquer.  Nikki NOT impressed.  Me thankful it could be fixed, cuz with a wedding on the horizon I thought I can't afford a new car.  
     So the only thing left to do was to go have coffee somewhere right?!  So what does all this have to do with Polly?!   I must have watched this movie shortly before this very eventful day, because as we are walking to the restaurant I start playing the "glad" game.  So I share with Nikki that we can be glad that it was a beautiful day, because in this country in early spring it can be very cold.  This was after I took her the wrong direction to the restaurant.  Then I said we can be glad you have a cell phone so we can call her brother, who was 45 min away, to pick us up.  You get the point of my game and that's when she told me that "she will be glad when I STOP playing the glad game".  We had a good laugh over that.  But she really was not happy she had lots to do.  So our son finally got there and we rode home with him in his little Honda, 2 door, 2 seater CRX.  It was an experience.
     This was just a fun memory to recall;  but it does remind me though, that God is in control.  And that situation could have been much, much worse.   He protected us, provided a ride home for us, and the car could be towed to a nearby mechanic to be fixed.  And yes, we were able to go shopping later and found a beautiful dress for her.  And we were GLAD. *smile*

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Hobby

With the new year comes new things to try: so for us it was cross country skiing. We actually have done it before, years ago when I was 18, and probably 9 yrs ago in MT. Both of those times were in the mountains, this was the first in Northern MN. It was a blast!! The temp was only 6 degrees, but the sun was shining, not wind and it was beautiful. We did get hot and a little sweaty. Bob did much better than I. I had a challenge with going up hills, kept tripping myself. ugh!!! Then I couldn't get back up. Oh well, with practice hopefully I will get better at it. And there most definately WILL be a next time. So here is to new experiences *smile*