Thursday, September 20, 2007


When I sat down to finaly write this again I was thinking of what we had been doing lately, which has been quite a bit, and realizing how quickly time goes. The older I get the reality of that can overwhelm me if I ponder it too long. Just makes me thankful for each day that I am given and to be a good steward of the day, and make it count!! When you lose those that you love you appreciate so much the family and friendships that God has blessed you with. Because of that I try to always remain flexible and don't let "things" get in the way. When given the opportunity I try to take advantage of that and stop to see friends, and our wonderful family. Well....enough of the ramblings.... On our walk, stopping to take a picture
All but me...someone had to take the picture (:
August flew by to be sure, so we took a day and had a picnic with my in-laws and our daughter and her family, our son and his family. It was a beautiful day. We went for walks and of course had to eat some good food. Didn't do enough picning this summer, went waaay to fast.

We were at our daughters house and got to watch out grandson leave for preschool. That was fun to see ,he was so excited to go. He has a good friend that was going to be in his class, he was looking forward to seeing him. Off to preschool!!!

Then a week ago we spent some time with my brother in law and sister in law. For Billie Jean and I it truly was a vacation. The guys had to work, but we just shopped and visited. Was very relaxing. At night the four of us would go out to eat and then play cards. We used to do this every winter around New Years, when our kids were all still at home. So it was fun to reminisce with them.

Then this last week I stopped in to see a very dear friend!!! We tried to cover years in just a few short hours. This is one of those friendships that no matter how much time has gone by it seems like we just saw each other. Its so comfortable to be together. We walk through these seasons of life and it is such a blessing for me to see and hear how God has been working in her families life as well. Just so fun to catch up.

Now to come home to a fairly quiet week, and enjoy looking outside and seeing Gods hadiwork with the leaves on the trees., stunning.


Movers4life said...

I am glad you were able to spot and visit in ND, I am sure they were so excited to have you stop!:) Time does fly, Chad and I were just tlaking about Little C last night and can't believe that he is almost 1!! Crazy, he should still be a little baby!:) Looking forward to coming up next weekend!:)

Kim said...

Nice to see you on here again,Mom, with how busy you've been. Loved seeing the pics from Duluth, looks like you guys had such a good time. You were talking about taking time for people. I think that's what makes you and Dad such great grandparents and parents, for that matter. You always take time for all of us ... to watch kids, help when we need you, come visit, let us visit you, and you show up for the important milestones.In doing so you are passing on a great legacy and helping to build Christ into the lives of our kids. Thanks, I know we all appreciate it!

Stacie said...

What a fun update! Looks like you guys had fun in Duluth! I have to wait for the leaves to turn here yet. We're probably a good month out from it. Fall doesn't come quick enough here for me, but I think it lasts a little longer. I do enjoy that. Thanks for the great tea idea! I've really been enjoying it!