Sunday, May 4, 2008

EFCA Districts Provided a Great Weekend with Grandsons!!!

We had a wonderful time with the boys. Bob was working a show so he was gone half the time, so we had to share him. I got sick on Sat. which slowed me down some, but they are so easy to watch so it all worked out. The weather didn't cooperate very much, that was the last of major snow that weekend.
Big C is getting a haircut.

Boys are wrestling, they love to do that.

Little C keeping an "eye" on my camera (:

Basketball time with Grandpa.


Movers4life said...

Those are great pics mom!! We were so thankful you were both able to come down, I know the boys lOVE it!!! Bummer you got sick though, good thing dad was there too! It was such a great weekend as well!

Drifters said...

Thanks....such a nice way to keep up with the greatgrand. So cute!