Sunday, August 23, 2009

Much Needed Weekend Getaway (with a little work thrown in)

We have been trying all summer to get away for a first it was going to be for a week. Then we could tell that we really didn't have a week to use so then we thought a four day weekend would be nice......well,little did we know that would be hard as well to find time. Bob started this job a year ago Dec. so he is building a brand new territory and business is very different these days so you want to meet with dealers and customers when you can to keep what momentum is going to keep it going. So what we ended up doing he had to go to Biwabik,MN to touch bases with the dealer there building a house so we were able to tie in our weekend getaway with a "little" work. Well worth it and we had a wonderful time .

Our first day was the worst as far as weather goes. It was a rainy drizzly day. As we were driving to where the house was we noticed that the leaves are starting to change.

We had heard that this lodge was a very expensive place to stay;but we thought why not go in and see since we are we did. And they had a great rate cuz of the bad weather so we stayed.

Lobby of Lodge Living Room

Its called Giants Ridge Resort. Its a ski resort in the winter, but has bike trails and such for the other times of year. Our room was gorgeous. Had a kitchen,living room,& bedroom

Since the weather was so rainy and we couldn't go for a bike ride we went for a drive, went through Embrass,MN. This town is known for one of the coldest spots in the winter so we wanted to see what is there.

Theseare statues in this little park Big Thermometer

There's even a bed&breakfast out of town a little ways. Looked very nice, didn't get a pic of the gazebo but that was there also. Very pretty yard.

After we left Giants Ridge we drove up to Grand Marais, Bob had a meeting with his dealer and customer. So after that we went to for a bike ride and to the Angry Trout for supper. This is the hill we had or fide up.....sad to say I didn't make it all the way, oh well was a good ride.

They catch fish daily, and that is the fish they serve . We had fish and chips it was delicious!

View of our hotel from the lake in Grand Marais Sailboat

This was a light house and of course Bob had to see if there was a way that he could get up in there, the door was pad locked shut.

From Grand Marais we hiked to Devils Kettle. These are the steps we went down, this is a pic of going up. You hike quite a ways up, then take the steps and ramps back down to the river. This is a river that has a hole that the water goes into and they haven't been able to figure out where the water comes out. Beautiful view.

Taking a rest Steps down

View of falls behind me

Devils Kettle

This is the back of Naniboujou Lodge.

We tried to stay here but it was full. We left our van here in the parking lot and hiked over to Devils Kettle. We came back here to eat lunch. It is a very unique place and wonderful food!!

Inside the dining room. It was painted in the designs of the Cree Indians. The fireplace is supposed to be one of the largest in MN.

Go to to read more about this great get away.

From there we drove down to Beaver Bay and went on a 10 to 16 mi round trip bike ride to Split Rock Lighthouse.

These were some "chairs"along the trail to advertise this lodge so thought we should get a picture. This bike ride was a challenge for sure, quite hilly in some parts but well worth the ride. We can't wait to go back again.

From here we drove down to Duluth and stayed there for our last night. We walked down by the canal and ate at another unique resteraunt and looked around at some cute shops. For just a few days we found plenty to do and came home very refreshed!


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Looks like fun! Great pics, Mom! You guys did a lot of fun stuff in one weekend!

Kim said...

So glad you guys could get away, Mom! Looks like you went to some awesome places!! You have a lot of great pics. The one of you and Dad in front of the water is really a nice one.

Movers4life said...

You went to some really NEAT places!!! Glad you guys were able to get away, much needed and deserved!!! You have some really good pics, it was so fun to see and read!!!:0) We are gonna have to head up there some time, looks like so much fun!