Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life's Scars

This song really ministers to me. I was listening to it this morning and it got me to thinking about something my Dad said when we saw him a little while ago. I don't think he means it to be negative,he just says how wrong he was in who he thought I would turn out to be. It's not the first time he has said it, and really I am thankful that there is such a drastic difference in who I was to who I am now. It's all by the grace of God that I am changed I am thankful every day for that. There is such peace in my life now, before I was always so agitated and angry at just about anything. Very selfish,me first,didn't really care how I go there just so I had my way. Would feel guilty and instead of apologizing or stopping the bad behavior I would cover it up with anger. That way it was safe too, those who truly care would persevere to see how I "really" was, Such an empty game. But thats where I "was". Once I came to Christ God showed me in His ever patient way the things in my life that I needed to give to Him and change. Oh how I am thankful that I have listened. I am always a work in progress and I am always thankful He has loved me through so many steps backward. But I know I can't "live" in the past with all those regrets!! This song is such a wonderful reminder!!
Also in the Love Joy challenge this is a picture of what was beside me this morning: Jedi our cat that we inherited from our daughter and son-in-law, she has been a loving companion! And the other picture is of what is below me that I am thankful for and that is my feet. :o) Thankful my feet are healthy and get me from place to place with ease.

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