Thursday, February 23, 2012

Playa Del Carmen,Mexico

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We had the wonderful opportunity to take this trip to Mexico with my husband's company. We met some great people and the weather was perfect! Really was fun to get away for a bit. It was a working trip though. We were there to host the dealers and their wives. They were all so easy to be with so it was fun. Nice to do some things we (or at least I ) have never done before. Like going down the zip line. There were two circuits of 7 zip lines. If you went down one in the circuit you had to finish the other 6. So it was a commitment and I wasn't so sure I was up to the challenge. But two guys that were ahead of us were so funny that it kept my mind occupied. Plus Bob and the other couple that we were with were so excited that it was contagious. But I couldn't actually say I was having fun till we did the second circuit. By then I was getting into it. One of the zip lines we had to go down a water slide to get to the next one. I had never been on a water slide either...yep I am hooked that was pretty fun!!!!!! The second circuit had us landing in water quite a bit, but it was a beautiful day and added to the excitement. The place we did all of this was called EXPLOR, it had many different things that you could do. There are pictures in the photo book above.
     Then back at the resort we ate at different restaurant every evening. We had Japanese one night,Contemporary Asian another night. We also ate at the Grill it was an Italian-Argentinean grill with wood-fired pizza, and the Market with lots of different meat choices that they would bring out for us to try. Was all very elegant. It was all inclusive so made it easier to try things I probably wouldn't have otherwise.
     It truly was a fun 5 days but always so nice to get back home. We had the privilege to babysit some of our Grandchildren when we got home on that Saturday so rounded out our trip nicely.


Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

So glad you guys had such a fun trip! Fun pics!

Bob Weinert said...

It was a great trip!!

Drifters said...

Just saw this..good job but made me want to go on another cruise and enjoy some sunshine!