Saturday, November 17, 2007

I have been I go

I haven't written in a while so maybe this will get me going again.
10 Years Ago
My husband and I were looking forward to Stacie coming home from her first semester of college. Still adjusting to having "one" out of the nest!! Huge adjustment for me. Hoping she liked being at home again, how do I behave as a mom of an "adult"?! I know I think waaaay too much!!! We were also into the girls high school basketball season. Our second daughter Kim played. We enjoyed those years of sports very much. We also had a daughter, Nikki, who ran track, and our son played basketball, and played football. So lots of events to go to. We also were very involved with AWANA. We were working with a club we helped start in a small church. Full of challenges, but also lots of blessings. I was also still grieving the loss of my brother and brother-in-law. We were also walking with my sister-in-law with the terminal illness of her young son, Mark.
5 Years Ago
We now have 3 children out of the home. One daughter married, for two years, Kim. So we have a new "son", so blessed to have him, Todd, in our family!!! And also they blessed us with our first grandson, born in October!!!! He has been such a joy!! We also have our third daughter Nikki married this year in August to a wonderful guy Chad!!! They were high school sweet hearts. So now at this point we have 3 "sons" and 3 girls (-: Stacie has graduated from college and his an RN still living 1000 miles away )-: She has met a guy at this point and I think we had met him right after they met. We were so thrilled for her!! Our son is a senior in high school doing post secondary at the Tech school. He had his own lawn service that he had been doing for 6 years by this time!!
1 Year Ago
We are now into full swing and loving every single moment of grandparents. No GREATER joy, except of course being a mom. I did love my mom job,every aspect of it, even looking back at all my mistakes I am sooo thankful for a loving heavenly Father who gives me soooo much grace!!! All of our children are married now. God has given us such wonderful mates for our children!! Truly matches made in heaven (-: We now have 8 grandchildren, one in heaven. Our precious Micah, Todd and Kims son is home with the Lord now since 2004. Since 2003 when our daughter Nikki was having serious health problems after the birth of her son, we learned how to really,really leave our children in Gods hands. Thought I had done that so many times before, but to be in this totally helpless place and watch as your child suffers, and her husband,is a lesson in Gods love and provision. We saw so many blessings in the midst of this huge trial. Their son has been such a blessing, and a good baby, abnormally so so that she could care for him. He has insight now that I think God has given him from living with a mom in sooo much pain. Then to watch our daughter Kim and her husband Todd walk through the loss of a child, which I have never done, was also something that I would've never dreamed would be in our lives. But, we have so much to be thankful for. Even before his accident we had a beautiful week together at Ralph and Stacies wedding!!! It was great all of us together to get to know this bundle of love, in all of his four months!!! As a mom I felt like at times if I could just sheild everyone from this pain, take it all away, but you can't we have to walk through these days and rest in Gods provision and care. Which he did in everyones lives. They have all grown into such mighty men and women of God.
I went grocery shopping to get ready for Thanksgiving. This is our first year to host it as my husbands aunt and uncle have passed the baton to us and his cousin ( their son). So this year it is our turn. We will probaly have 20 people, we are looking forward to it!! We aslo went to see our grandaughters, always a treat!! Any excuse we can think of to go and see them we do, yesterday it was to deliver their mail. (-: Then we came home and did laundry!
5 Snacks I enjoy
My all time favorite now is vanilla yogurt with bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and granola on top.
Apples with peanut butter to dip
Low sugar ice cream sanwiches
Trail Mix mmmmm ( making me hungry!)
Cold cereal, you can never have too much of that
5 Things I would do if I had $100 Million
Pay off all debt
Give to as many ministries as I could
Support our parents
Help our children
5 Places I would run away to
Spend time with our children
Lake cabin
Mountain cabin
5 Favorite TV shows
Deal or No Deal
Any HGTV show
Hogans Heroes
5 Things I hate doing
Speaking in front of a group
Traveling alone ( I would be lost, I am directionaly challenged (-: )
People smacking when they eat
My husband putting wet hands on my back )-:
Rude comments by people
5 Biggest joys of the moment
Children and grandchildren
Extended family

OK, there it is!! Made me do some thinking. Fun to do though, thanks Stacie


Stacie said...

Good post, Mom! Lots of stuff I hadn't thought of. I did not know deal or no deal was one of your favorite shows! The things you learn!

Debbie said...

Fun to read. It was nice to see you getting back to blogging.

Movers4life said...

Nice job Mom!!! I like these things, they are really fun to read!!! I need to get mine done now!:0