Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unplanned Events

Yesterday, Dec 15, held quite the surprise for my husband, especially, and myself. We found ourselves sitting in the emergency room for four and a half hours before he was moved up to a room. He wasn't admitted just waiting for surgery. The day started out quite pleasant, we woke, had our coffee and breakfast. We always have it back in our bedroom, we have two chairs back there, that way we can have our devotions before we start the day as well. We ended up taking a longer breakfast than he wanted cuz he wanted to be out in the shop by 8:00 AM. But the days before this Sat he had been gone all week in Iowa as this was the first week of his new job.... so needless to say he just wanted to relax a little bit because that was a heavy week of training and taking in A LOT of info. So as he was leaving our bedroom he said, well I am only an hour late getting out to the shop, being sarcastic. Not five minutes later I hear him hollering for me to come RIGHT NOW, HE NEEDS TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!! So I come running and he has his left hand cradled in his right hand with a lot of pressure on it and holding it up. Can't be good I am thinking because those arent' words I hear from him is that he needs to see any doctor, not to offend doctors just not his favorite place to go. The thought that is running through my mind is of my grandfather, who was a woodworker as well, and when I was a little girl he had cut off his index finger at the knuckle and they had sewed it back on. That finger was never right and always got in the way. So you guessed it it happened again, and this time he thought there is no way they are sewing it back on. So he told them he didn't know where it was, my grandma found it in his back pocket of his pants when she was doing laundry. If you could've known my grandpa that wasn't so surprising!!!! So these thoughts are going through my mind... in our van on the way to the hospital I finally ask him what happened, he said two of his fingers the ends are gone. He said you don't want to see it. We get him to the hospital in record time I might add..... We have to wait what seems like forever to see a nurse to get him back to a room. It really wasn't that long, they get him back there to wait again before he gets anything for the pain. That is where this is all leading, that when you are watching a loved one suffer it is soooo terribly hard and time stands literally still. As I was praying for all of this, I was thinking of our Heavenly Father and how much He loves us and watches us daily, make choices, that are very harmful to us, to our testimony, how it must sadden Him. But how lovingly He brings us back, sometimes waits and pursues a long time for us to repent. But yet there is GRACE, always GRACE!!! So thankful for that and knowing in this situation could've been far worse, and even in this He is there with us.
That was a very busy day for them in the emergency room which is why we did a lot of waiting. They had a lot of life threatening emergencies that they were dealing with. So as we are hearing the hustle and bustle around us we were so thankful that this was all we were dealing with. He still has these two fingers, they will be very functional, he is right handed this happened to his left, he started a new job that looks like will be a huge blessing for him. How could we be upset about the change of how things will function in the near future? We have so much to be thankful for!!! All of our children and grandchildren will be home for Christmas so we have these wonderful days to look forward to being together. These times are priceless. The things that won't happen are the Christmas gifts that won't be made now. He has recovery time, I might be driving him around for a while, but even that is not bad, cuz I would've been with him anyway. With his job, this won't affect his ability to work either so we have that to be thankful for as well.
To get back to his hand the doctor was able to use the skin on his fingers to put over the fingertips so he didn't have to do a skin graft. Surgery went well and we were home at 7:00PM. Some people that were there that day didn't have such a happy outcome. Our prayers go out to them that they know and love the same Lord Jesus that we do, and that this season that we are in right now is to remember and celebrate the most wonderful gift that we have been given with a love that is soo huge and undeserved, and all we have to do is accept it, Gods only son Jesus!!!!


Stacie said...

Praise the Lord! It could have been really bad. We have a lot of blessings--we can't wait to just be with the family next week! We love you!

Movers4life said...

Amen!!!! I echo what Stac said, it could have been so much worse! We have had so many people from church ask how dad is doing, and have been praying for him. It is so encouraging to know that there are others who are praying!! We are pumped for our nice looooong break over Christmas, it will be great!! Luv ya!:0)

Kim said...

Well said Mom. I appreciate what you had to say there, it is all about perspective isn't it? Everyone around here has been praying as well and will be praying for a quick recovery. Todd finishes up with the craziness Wednesday and then a lot of office work to catch up on and we will be on our way to your house, looking forward to it!

Drifters said...

We read your acount of last Sat. Yes we are so Thankful it wasn't worse. We just want you to know we are praying for you. Love you!