Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas 2007

Everyone was able to be home for Christmas!!!! I am sooo thankful that ALL of our children work things out to be able to be home at the same time!! We appreciate that so very much!! It was a lot of fun watching the commotion of everyone opening their gifts. There was a hum of conversation, the occasional yell from one of the grandchildren,& lots of laughter. These are times you can't put a price tag on!! We also had a special friend here for the weekend, Mike. Uncle Mike as Todd and Kim's kids call him. He is a great guy attending Forest Springs in WI training in camp ministry. He had already had Christmas with his family, and had some time, so he came here so he could see Todd and Kim. We had the pleasure of spending time with him as well.
We begin Christmas Eve by going to the candlelight service at church. That is always a special time. Then we head up to my sister-in-laws house for some Oyster Stew!! Yumm, just kidding not my favorite but I always have some, it's tradition!! (-: My husband loves it as do some of the other family members. We have a good time of visiting then head back to our house. This year everyone happened to be home on Christmas Eve, so we opened gifts that night. Normally we would wait till Christmas Day for our Christmas Eve. So Bob read the Christmas story from Luke before we open the gifts. We don't want it to be all about the presents, we are truly thankful for the birth of Gods only Son,Jesus!! When we look at this wonderful group of people gathered in our living room that is a precious gift!

We also had an unwelcome guest, the flu!!! Poor Kim was NOT feeling well most of the time. But she was a trouper and tried to keep up with all the activities. Nikki and Chad's oldest son got the flu as well, same with our oldest granddaughter.

They are all on the mend now. Three of the families are together in ND,all except our son and daughter-in-law, at Todd and Kim's place. I am sure having a GREAT time!!!


Movers4life said...

Yea mom!!!!!! You're a blogging maniac!!!!!! It was SO much fun!! Thank you both for all of the memories we make at your house, you both do so much for all of us we are truly blessed!:0)

Drifters said...

Sounds like you had a great time but next time tell Mr Illness he is not welcomed Would have been fun to sneak in and see all the excitement.