Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pre Thirtieth B'day!!

The last day of the year holds a special meaning for us, it's our daughter Stacie's b'day!!! She loves to be home for her birthday so we get to celebrate with her!! It is tradition in our family to choose your meal as well as your cake and ice cream. This year she had an italian roast with potatoes and carrots, tomatoes, celery mmmm very good. We had pumpkin-rum bundt cake with brown sugar icing, she had cinnamon ice cream. Rich but good!!! We played games the rest of the night, watched the ball drop on TV from New York City, watched their home movies of the Christmas that we had just celebrated; a great way to end 2007!!!!
On a side note it is sooo hard to believe that she just turned 29!!! She was the last baby born in 1978 in Ft. Collins that year, and that was at 3:28 pm. Very unusual the nurses told me at the time. Usually they have a lot of babies at the end of the year, not that year. The first babies, twins, were born at 12:30 am, they were my roommates in the hospital. People don't have roommates so much anymore when having babies. Times have changed for sure.


Movers4life said...

29, crazy!! Bummer we missed it but it wounds like fun was had by all!!;0)

Drifters said...

Wish we could have been there...we miss you all. Stacie looks great.