Saturday, January 19, 2008


I thought this would be an appropriate title for this post...Our 4 yr old grandson was praying and he was thanking God that grandpa and grandma could "kidsit" for them. We thought that was pretty special. But as I was looking for pictures to put on here I had forgotten I had taken this picture of our nieces and nephews when we "kidsat" for them one day. Their mom and other sisters went shopping out of town, for bridesmaids dresses. So we had the honor of spending the day with them. They wanted to play out in the snow, but didn't have their own snow pants with them so we loaned them ours. Of course they were way toooo big so had to take a pic, I thought they looked pretty cute!!! They thought it was pretty funny as well. Here they are:Then we were off to our daughter and son-in-laws to watch their kids so they could go to a couples retreat. They had a wonderful time and we had a GREAT time with the kids!!!!! On the last day we took them for a treat since it was too cold to play outside we took them to the next best thing?! Mickey D's !!


Stacie said...

So fun! What great pics!

Movers4life said...

We GREATLY appreciated you watching the boys as well!!! They had so much fun, great pics! The retreat was AWESOME, thanks again!

Kim said...

It looks like you had a great time. The boys are looking forward to you coming out here!